Friday, 2 March 2012

Answers & Results to Quizzle Puzzle # 3

Time is up for the latest Quizzle Puzzle.

I feared that we might begin to lose people over time and, alas, there were only seven entrants this time (down by sixteen on last time!). My attempt to get quizzers interested in these sorts of puzzles appear to have failed. Oh well. I might start up quizzles again soon if there is any great desire for them but there's not much point in my taking the time to write the quizzes if people don't want to play them. So this will be the last quizzle for the time being.

Anyway, the top three scores this time were:

1. Hugh Bennett 54
2=. Dom Tait 48
2=. David Stainer 48

Very well done to Hugh!

Round One – Picture Round

1. Germanium (Clemens Alexander Winkler)
2. Niger
3. The Associates (Billy Mackenzie)
4. Richard Réti (Réti opening)
5. Brazil, Indiana (Jimmy Hoffa)
6. Max Ernst (Oedipus Rex)

Round Two – Ditloids

7. 78 Popes have been Canonised by the Catholic Church
8. 8 American States have Names that Begin with the Letter ‘M’
9. 18 Groups in the Periodic Table
10. 3 Laws of Robotics
11. 7 Gold Medals Won by Mark Spitz at the Olympic Games in Munich
12. 9 UK Number One Singles for the Spice Girls

Round Three - Crossword Clues

13. Oscar Wilde
14. Yamaha
15. Cage fighting
16. Fetid
17. Mephistophelian
18. Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Round Four – What Comes Next

19. F - the first letter of the first five cardinal numbers from one to five
20. North Korea – the first five non-living things mentioned in the lyrics of ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’
21. Lines - The last five nouns mentioned in Shakespeare’s famous ‘Sonnet XVIII’ when arranged from last to fifth from last
22. CN – The (two) initials of the last five American Presidents, arranged from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama, when the first initial is shifted forward one place through the alphabet and the second initial is shifted backwards one place through the alphabet
23. Sicily – the regions that are home to the five largest cities in Italy when arranged by population according to the latest census
24. 100 Italian – the chemical number of the first five elements to have been named after a human, followed by the nationality of that (or those) human(s)

Round Five – Cryptic Film Titles

25. The Birth of a Nation
26. The Godfather
27. Taxi Driver
28. Paris, Texas
29. The Blue Angel
30. Dr. Strangelove (I’ve doctored ‘strangelove’ – clever huh!)

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  1. Really sorry to hear this as I very much enjoyed these. Hope to see another of your quizzes soon.