Friday, 3 February 2012

Answers & Results to Quizzle Puzzle # 1

Ok, so the deadline is up for Quizzle Puzzle #1.

There were just under 20 entrants (we can do better than that surely?!) but, as promised, I will only publish the results of the exalted few. On this occasion, it so happened that 3 scores stood out rather from the pack, and so the top three were (out of 60 points):

1. David Stainer 56
2. Dom Tait 52
3. Mark Grant 50

Well done to all three of you.


Round One – Picture Round

1. Australia (Thorny Devil)
2. Pierre Bonnard (Dining Room in the Country)
3. The Great White Hope (James Earl Jones)
4. Myanmar or Burma (Kyaiktiyo Pagoda)
5. Napoli (Ezequiel Lavezzi)
6. Chile (Sebastián Piñera)

Round Two – Ditloids

7. 26 Cantons in Switzerland
8. 15 Red Balls are Potted in a Maximum Break in Snooker
9. 666 is the Sum of the Numbers on a Roulette Wheel
10. 8 Paintings in A Rake’s Progress by William Hogarth
11. 69 is the Atomic Number of Thulium
12. 9 Series (or Seasons) of Celebrity Big Brother have been Broadcast in the United Kingdom

Round Three – Crossword Clues

13. Asleep
14. Hoopoe
15. Harry
16. Slog
17. Autostrada
18. University Challenge

Round Four – What Comes Next

19. Sweden (1931) – birthplace and birth year of the last five winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature
20. Two – the first word of the first track on each of the last five studio albums released by the Beatles
21. 17 E2 – the sum of the four one-digit numbers in the year that the last five British monarchs have come to the throne, followed by an abbreviation of the name of the monarch taking the form of the first letter of the regnal name, followed by the regnal number in Arabic numerals. So, 1952 Elizabeth II becomes 1+9+5+2 = 17 E2. Yes, naughty, I know :-)
22. Baghdad – the capital cities of the first five members of OPEC when arranged alphabetically.
23. Sarajevo – the capital cities of the first five fully-independent nation states to have a star (or stars) on their flags when arranged alphabetically.
24. Rainbow (also accepted ‘iris’) – the etymological roots of the names of chemical elements running from holmium to iridium when arranged alphabetically.

Round Five – Cryptic Literary Titles

25. Hard Times
26. Mr. Norris Changes Trains
27. The Remains of the Day
28. Prozac Nation
29. The Story of Tracy Beaker
30. The Walrus and the Carpenter


  1. I'd have thought that STOP should have been allowable for 16 as well as SLOG. If you plug e.g. a hole in something you might stop it up, so that's the definitional part - and something which is a record would be the top in a given category. I don't think that's any more or less tenuous than the given answer.

    I so should have got that monarchs one - so easy when you think about it! If I'd realised E6 etc. were monarchs I'd have got it, I'm confident. Gah! Great quiz though.

  2. I see your point but I'm unconvinced that 'top' is a synonym for 'record'. More of a loose stream of consciousness connection but I'm glad it turned out to not be crucial.